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15 years of experience in the city and region of Utrecht

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Save € 350 on our normal rate:
your own NVM estate agent now for € 500

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We are open 6 days a week!
Moreover, you can reach us
outside normal office hours.

particularly special reward structure for our efforts

The amount of our fee is
partially determined by you!

As much Real Estate Agent services as you want!

If you decide later that you want more of our services, you can do so in the manner that you want.

More possibilities with Utrecht Internet Estate Agents

Reach more potential buyers for your home
than through most other Estate Agents

Utrecht Internet Estate Agents, the internet Estate Agents for the cit

Welcome to the website of Utrecht Internet Estate Agents

An estimated 30 % of the persons who want to sell their home like to do part of the work to sell their homes themselves and thus save on the selling costs. At the same time, most people look for security and need advice from a local agent. Utrecht Internet Estate Agents meets to this need of the consumer.

Sell your house together with Utrecht Internet Estate Agents, for the price starting at € 1.250,-, without paying extra for Funda.nl. Included in the price are the negotiations, and the sales deeds. ,h2>Included also are the photographs to be made by us of your home.

Your estate agent

Utrecht Internet Estate Agents is an internet estate agent who works exclusively in the Utrecht region. The NVM estate agent who gives you the personal service has the knowledge of the local market and he can give you good advice about the value and the asking price of your house or apartment. The property will be inspected and measured up by this agent, who also makes the photographs with professional equipment.

Therefore, he knows the house or apartment thoroughly before you start selling it. The estate agent remains your contact within our organization. If a bid is made on the property, the same agent will negotiate (in consultation with you) for the best possible price and terms. The purchase agreement is also made up by the agent, and he takes care of the correct signing of all documents .

About us

Utrecht Internet Estate Agents does not want to be an ordinary estate agent, who only has contact from a distance and by mail with his customers. So, we work differently and therefore you are always assured of our expert personal service.

Utrecht Internet Estate Agents is part of a regular NVM Agency and that is a big difference with other internet estate agents. With our method, you create the professional exposure that you are looking for when selling your house while you maintain the freedom to do certain parts of the work yourself.

If you decide to want to upgrade on our services later, you can do so in the way that you want, even change it into to a full-service selling instruction. You do not need to change to another agency and that will save you a lot of money.

Good to know

For sellers, it is good to know that we are able (by our comprehensive advertising packages for sales that may require additional support) to reach more potential buyers for your home than most other estate agents and brokers in the Utrecht region.

For more information look at Extra help and Rates and Important Information.

We operate in a radius of 30 kilometers around Utrecht and especially in the places: Utrecht City, Leidsche Rijn, Vleuten, Utrecht, Nieuwegein, Nieuwegein, Woerden, Maarssendorp, Maarssenbroek, Breukelen, De Bilt, Bilthoven, Zeist, Soest , Driebergen Rijsenburg, Bunnik, Odijk, Werkhoven, Houten and Vianen, including all the (rural) areas around the places mentioned.

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Who does what

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