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Advertising possibilities - Additional promotion

As reported earlier, your house will be placed on Funda.nl by Utrecht Internet Estate Agents and you get a For sale sign. Automatically your house will be placed on other Houses for sale sites. Together with us, you take care of publicity for your house through social media. For all these forms of publicity, no extra costs will be charged.

Open House

You can also take part, free of charge, in the Open House Day of the NVM, but you can also organize an Open House Day yourself. We then provide a mentioning of this on Funda.

About Funda

Once your house is announced as new for sale, it will appear at the top of the search results of Funda. That is what you want because then there are a lot of people looking at it.

Unfortunately, the period that your ad listing of your property stays at the top of the search results of Funda does not last long. Every new house which is registered, will be placed above your ad listing. Slowly but surely your house will drop down in the search results of the potential buyers. As a result, the ad listing of your home is less frequently viewed, and that can have an impact on the number of viewing requests.
Fortunately, there are a number of ways to get higher in the search results of Funda and stay there. Funda wants to show the most elaborate listings first. Your ad listing can be easily elaborated by adding the digital property brochure and at least 10 photographs, both additions are standard and done free of charge by Utrecht Internet Estate Agents.

Funda extra

In addition, your ad listing on Funda can be elaborated by buying additional services like (Tophuis or woning in Beeld), or adding extra information about your home (such as a 2/3 D floor plan, a video and a 360 degree photo ). We cannot offer these additions and extra services for free, because Funda charges for these . On the site of Funda you can read more about these possibilities.

Whether the sale of your home needs these paid services and additions depends on the location and the type of the property. Your estate agent will gladly advise you on this free of charge. A consideration to do this is that your home stays higher in the search results and that may affect the number of visit requests . You can also decide to buy these services and additions later to gain more exposure.
Below you will find a summary the costs for these services and additions offered by Funda.


* These amounts are based on the supply by you of the right file types and formats. Utrecht Internet Estate Agents will of course inform you what the correct types and formats are. Of course you can ask for extra help from Utrecht Internet Estate Agents in designing and making of the required additions .

Other advertising possibilities
In addition to the possibilities that Funda provides to keep your home in the picture to the potential buyers of your home, you can decide advertise extra for your property.

Think for example of paid targeted advertising via Facebook , Google , an advertisement in magazines or in a regional or national newspaper. These ads can be designed by yourself and be placed or you can ask for extra help from Utrecht Internet Estate Agents. Your estate agent will be happy to advise you.

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