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How it works

Property Valuation and Presentation

After you have granted the sales instruction to Utrecht Internet Estate Agents our estate agent will visit you to take down all details and to take all the photos of the property. You will receive a report which will include the appraised value of your home, a comprehensive asking price advice, the measurements, cadastral data, and a list of previously sold and similar properties in the neighbourhood.

You and our estate agent ensure that the sales strategy is tailored to your personal needs and you discuss the best asking price. Your estate agent completes your file in order to fulfil your duty to report. You make the sales pitch of your property yourself. The active sale of your house or apartment can now begin.


Your house must now be brought to the attention of home seekers. There is a digital property brochure created and you will receive a sale sign or poster. Your home is then prominently listed on Funda. By Funda alone your reach 85% of home seekers. You will receive the viewing statistics of Funda, so you know exactly how big the interest is in your home. We also inform all home seekers from other agents in your area that your home is for sale. And together we use the social media and spread a mailing in your neighbourhood so that every home seeker will know that your house is for sale.

At any given time you can choose one of our supporting advertising options to boost your sales promotion.

Viewings and offers

As soon as interested parties approach Utrecht Internet Estate Agents, we will inform you. You make an appointment for the viewing yourself and you show the viewers the house yourself. Viewers like the house to be shown by you, because you know all about your home and neighbourhood. You can plan a viewing when it suits both you and the viewer. This can also be in the evening or on weekends.
When the viewer makes you an offer, your estate agent comes into action to conduct the negotiations. It goes without saying that this will be done consulting you all the time.


After a successful negotiation concerning your property, an agreement will have been reached on the purchase price, date of transfer and any conditions. Your estate agent accurately draws up the sales agreement. Thus, the agreements are confirmed in writing. We inform the notary, monitor the signing of the agreement, dissolving conditions and the issue of the bank guarantee. Once the buyer has completed the mortgage application your house is definitely sold. Until the transfer of your home, your agent remains your primary contact.

Additional help through Utrecht Internet Estate Agents

May be you will need more help from the estate agent than you thought beforehand. Because Utrecht Internet Estate Agents is part of a regular NVM Agency, Utrecht Internet Estate Agents is the only internet estate agent who can offer all the help you want. Whether it comes to advice on the sales pitch, design of the floor plans, a ( second ) viewing , attending an constructional survey or final inspection, or accompany you to the notary office, through Utrecht Internet Estate Agents you can ask for extra help at any time . Even an upgrade to a full service instruction is possible.

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